Acting Department Head of Foundation Phase – Miss K Bolus

2020: the year of the new decade. I don’t think anyone could have anticipated what our country was headed for when first reading about the Coronavirus in the news at the end of last year. We certainly never thought that we would undergo a nationwide lockdown!

When the schools were closed on 17 March 2020, the teachers and management leapt into action and thought of creative and innovative ways to teach the curriculum to our learners from home, something we never imagined would be possible before.

We learnt how to pre-record video lessons, restructure the curriculum to make it home-school friendly, as well as teach online lessons. We were very impressed by the excellent online attendance, over and above the eagerness and participation of our learners. While online learning proved to be a success, we were overjoyed to finally have our Foundation Phase learners back in front of us at school in August. It amazed us how resilient our learners were and how quickly and easily they adapted to the new protocols. We had no idea where our learners would stand academically after months of home-schooling, as we hadn’t been able to assess them.

Once we conducted baseline assessments, we were blown away by the learners’ performance. The results they produced reflected their hard work and determination, as well as their parents’ involvement and dedication to their children’s learning. Aside from the massive disruption of having to learn from home and only attending school on alternate days, we managed to finish the curriculum on a strong note.

The teachers in the Foundation Phase have grown stronger as a team and are the most resilient, positive, passionate and hard-working people I know. Without their commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to their learners, we would not be where we are today.

We are so grateful to our teachers, learners and their parents for their consistent hard work. 2020: the year that has taught us patience, determination and that no matter what, WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER and have proven that not even a global pandemic can keep us down.

Together during these difficult times, we have all lived by our motto “Yield Not”.