Montrose Primary School: 51 years of absolute educational excellence

Founded in 1970, the Parkmore based school continues to stand head and shoulders above the rest, with passionate and proud people and an unrivalled professionalism.

Proudly displayed on the school emblem, are the words ”Yield Not” – an appropriate motto for a school that has grown, adapted and produced thousands of thriving youth in its 51 years. Boasting multiple awards and endless experience, the dedicated staff work as a team, striving to ensure that the beloved school remains the school of choice within the community.

With an average of 137 distinctions and 35 scholarships in Grade 7 per year, as well as top three placings in multiple Mathematics, Natural Sciences, English and isiZulu competitions and olympiads, the School Principal, Mrs van Loggerenberg, says that whilst the school excels in multiple areas; it is the school values that are of upmost importance:

“At Montrose we focus on building a healthy community through which we hold hands as the staff, learners, and parents, with the learners’ best interests always at the centre of all we do at the school.  We believe in living our values every day, “walking the talk” and in teaching our learners that without respect there will be no success and without integrity being a responsible citizen will not be possible.” 

Added to the solid education platform, are cultural and sporting programmes to boast of, all of which contribute towards the complete learning experience, so says Department Head of Boys Sport, Mr Mokhosi Makara:

“Montrose has a wide range of sporting facilities that offer different opportunities to our learners. We have seven cricket nets, a cricket pitch and field, and two soccer fields which can also be used as hockey and athletics fields. We have an eight-lane solar heated swimming pool and four tennis/netball courts. We offer marimba, choir, drama, art club, chess, book club and so much more.  The learners have all the required resources to ensure a comprehensive academic programme, including a variety of electronic devices always on hand.”

Now in her 36th year at the school, Miss Cathryn Langkilde (Department Head: Intersen Phase), says that Montrose is more than a building:

“It is a home away from home, filled with wonderful people who become life-long friends. Together they make wonderful days and unforgettable, everlasting memories.”

Deputy Principal, Miss Tshililo Maivha, who now celebrates her 20th year at the school, says that it is a second home for herself and her girls and that the school awarded her fantastic leadership opportunities:

“I hope that I can serve as an inspiration to others. Montrose Primary is a wonderful institution that inspires its employees to take joy in their work which, in turn, allows them to reap enormous benefits. I am living proof of what Montrose can achieve as it is a school which respects and values its employees.  It also showcases strong teamwork skills which encourage great working relationships within the institution and focuses on the holistic development of learners rather than only the academic side of things.”

There are great plans for the future of the school, first of which is the return of the school’s vast extra-mural programme, slowly introducing activities allowed under the COVID-19 regulations with the highest priority on safety. In addition, the school is in the advanced stages of the addition of a gallery to the school hall and classroom expansion in order to accommodate the full rollout of the addition of isiZulu as a First Additional Language which although first rolled out in 2016, will be fully available to all Grade 4 – 7 learners in 2022.

Mrs van Loggerenberg concludes that it is all about the creation of opportunity:

“We are a family that strive to give our children every opportunity to be exposed to more academic, as well as sporting and cultural possibilities, whether it be through the participation in olympiads, tournaments, competitions, community service or school tours. The love and growth of our children is our priority.”