Internship Programme applications are open

Applications for the much-valued Montrose Primary School Internship Programme are currently open. The benefits for the intern include the opportunity to earn a modest income whilst studying, as well as learning the methodology of teaching various subjects – something not typically taught at university. Add to that, the fact that the monthly payments to the intern increase year on year, the programme really is of great success.

Joshua van der Linde is one such success story. Having joined the internship programme immediately post high school, he studied whilst working at Montrose and has since qualified and remained teaching at the Parkmore based school.  

“I came across this internship by absolute chance.  A Durban boy moving to Johannesburg to study, this was presented to me by some sort of divine planning, and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” smiles Joshua.

“During my four years as an intern, I learned so much, not only as a teacher but also as a person. The core values of Montrose that my mentors and other staff members radiated encouraged me to become the best version of myself. It has prepared me for my first year of teaching in ways I never thought possible. With that said, there have been many learning curves this year for me as a first year teacher, but I know I can lean on my amazing Grade 4 team and other previous mentors for guidance and assistance. It is an amazing programme, and I am so grateful that I was able to have the opportunity to develop and learn under such amazing mentors.”

Principal, Mrs Sonette van Loggerenberg, says that this programme has always been well received:

“It has shown tremendous success in terms of giving future teachers hands-on experience. We are currently looking for students who will go into their second or third year next year for internships for 2022. Applicants must be registered with an accredited online university to study education, must be in their second or third year of their degree and are required to be provisionally registered with SACE.”

Anyone interested in applying to become an intern at the school is welcome to send their curriculum vitae (indicating the degree they are doing and what their specialisation is), or ask any questions they might have, to  Please note that applications close on 15 September 2021.