Exam advice from our Grade 7 learners

Here’s some advice from the Grade 7 Montrose Primary School learners ahead of exams. Enjoy the tips and best of luck to all learners!

“Have a study timetable that works for you and includes realistic breaks.” Phoebe Binks.

“Start studying early! Use your time wisely and work smartly, ensuring you fully understand all the work.” Khano Sadiki.

“Study in groups and use key cards – both will help you to recall information. Set up a proper sleeping schedule because your brain needs rest.” Tamukanashe Chikowero.

“Listen to what your teacher teaches – because such things may crop up in your test! Listening in class will help cut down your studying time too.” – Simran Cara.

“Set up a study schedule. Keep your phone away from your study area. Don’t sit or lie on your bed while studying and try not to stay up late at night. – Nkosana Sibiya.