Mrs van Loggerenberg – Congratulations 2021!

A piece written by Montrose Primary School Principal Mrs van Loggerenberg, thanking the school staff for their dedication, learners for their passion, and parents for their understanding – in a year of uncertainty, instability, opportunity and tremendous growth!

2021 started off with uncertainty with the opening of schools being delayed as a result of the second wave of COVID-19. As a school, we had so many plans which were based on the alert level at the end of 2020, but we got used to having to adapt quickly during 2020 as we had to be able to deal with every curve ball and continue with all contingencies planned. We did not hesitate, as the staff were prepared for every eventuality, and we started the year off with virtual lessons before the entire school was able to return to school daily.

As things were looking up and we could start with some of our extra-mural activities, the third wave struck and it was like a tsunami which swept through our school community with devastating effects. Once again, we showed our YIELD NOT spirit and continued to ensure that our learners would not be left behind because of this invisible enemy.

The learners adapted every time, to every challenge and change, without complaint, and whilst still achieving great success. Thank you to every boy and girl who had to sacrifice so much – your unwavering spirit is appreciated and admired!

The staff had to be ready to change approaches and plans at a moment’s notice, whilst supporting the learners and looking after themselves and their own families. Thank you to every single staff member for making it possible to Achieve Excellence Without Yielding.

The parents also had so much to deal with in all areas of their lives, but their staunch support for the school made it possible to work together as a school community to ensure that we did what was best for every learner.  For that we, as a school, would like to thank every parent and we are humbled by the support.

We will face 2022 head on … FEARLESS!