Promotion Requirements for Grade 1 – 3

  • Adequate Achievement (Level 4) (50%-59%) in one official language at Home Language level.
  • Moderate Achievement (Level 3) (40%-49%) in the second required official language at First Additional Language level.
  • Moderate Achievement (Level 3) (40%-49%) in Mathematics.

It is very important to note that all these requirements must be met for a learner to progress to the next grade.

Codes and Percentages

Achievement Level

Achievement Description

Marks (%)


Outstanding Achievement

80 – 100


Meritorious Achievement

70 – 79


Substantial Achievement

60 – 69


Adequate Achievement

50 – 59


Moderate Achievement

40 – 49


Elementary Achievement

30 – 39


Not Achieved

0 – 29

Assessment Weighting for Grade 1 – 3

  • Every subject is sub-divided into divisions for example in Languages in Grd R – 3:
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading and Phonics
  • Handwriting
  • Writing
  • Each sub-division is weighted and does not count the same percentage.
  • Reading and Phonics is calculated as a much higher percentage than Handwriting.
  • This applies to all subjects. Please do not add all the marks together and try and calculate a Term Percentage. The calculation will not be the same as the report.
  • All weightings have been programmed into our Report Programme and the calculations are done automatically.
  • The focus of assessment within Phys.Ed. falls into two broad categories:
    • Participation: exposes learners to an understanding of the value of regular participation in physical activity. Participation should encourage further development, enjoyment and the building of confidence.
    • Movement performance: each learner will be assessed at the level at which they are capable of performing. Movement performance must not encourage a sense of competition.