“It’s wonderful what we can all do, if we are always doing.”

Your greatness is not what you have, but what you give.

Thank you for your encouragement and continued support of the Parents Committee and the School as a whole and to all the parents and families who have given us so much this year.

We want to say thank you for buying tickets, sending sponsorships and spending money at our various fun fundraisers.

Thank you to the teachers and ground staff, who are always enthusiastic and positive, and who help and support us. It is rewarding to know our efforts are appreciated, in the goal to grow our school. A special thank you to Mrs Anni Rix, who is our liaison, and although she manages a full teaching load, she always finds the time to help and advise the MPA and attend monthly meetings. Thank you!

Last, but by no means least, a big thank you to all the moms and dads on the parent committee. Despite having busy schedules, they still find time to commit and remain committed and add value to the MPA so we can achieve our goals and ultimately provide small funded projects to enhance the school and all the children as well.

It is always a pleasure to gain new ideas and meet new families, and parents are urged to join us and be a part of the committee so we can make a difference together. Email kim@cleanquip.co.za or  monty@montrose.org.za and we will contact you to answer any queries you might have.

In 2018 the MPA team had various food vendors or goods on sale at the Night Cricket and Netball tournament, as well as the Swimming Gala. We had a super Mother Daughter Tea in May where ladies could host a table and treat the woman in our lives to tea and morning eats. We had an informed guest speaker who taught our young ladies about the positive fight against Breast Cancer. The young girls got to interact and ask great questions. The morning had the hall filled with beautifully decorated tables and it was great to feel the positive female vibes in air.

For the dads, uncles and grandpa’s we had a fantastic, if not freezing cold, dads and kids camp out on the field with a treasure hunt, big braai’s and a bonfire for all to enjoy. There were even a few ladies who braved the cold and opted to camp out and enjoy the fun. The field was packed with over 65 camp sites. Kids had fun in the chilly evening air and the guys got to share stories and relax around the fires.

We hope to hold both these events again because of the overwhelmingly positive response.

We had our annual MPA quiz night attended by ordinary folks with a fun night out and school commitment in mind. All places were sold out and the 13 various tables were decorated and filled with wonderful themes and lots of laughter and energy. The questions were tricky, the debating around the table was hilarious and the overall interaction was a great example of camaraderie and good honest fun.

We had the annual MPA Go Kart Day where classes were tasked with raising the most funds, and compete very competitively for that winning class prize. Then, on the Go Kart day, we had all the classes dressed and their war cries ready and they ran their go karts around the courses to compete for the class with the most race laps. We do a weighting for the various classes so the laps of Grade 1 can compete against the big Grade 7s and the day is usually filled with cheering parents and children and it’s a rewarding and exhilarating function enjoyed by all.

The MPA helps at meet and greet mornings, we add support at functions and we step in, when extra hands are needed.  If you are this sort of parent, then please join us and show your kids how to get involved and make a difference.

We are always looking for new exciting projects and functions and this year we had a small part in the ticket promotion for the fabulous Born to Perform Production at Gold Reef City that was successfully organized by S Nupen, showcasing the bright young SA talent.

With the hard earned funds raised, we add to certain projects that as a team, we think will benefit the children.  Last year we finished off the Tuck shop project with a new industrial oven to help with the variety of good food managed by our MPA team member A Pillay and this year we have helped complete some adult only bathrooms with a family and handicap bathroom for those families with extra needs, close to the pool area.

Second-hand clothing sales were taken over by Uniformity from the middle of last year and we thank them for the monthly contribution to the MPA fundraising.

Please don’t forget the My School programme which brings in money for the school each month. If you have not already, please make Montrose Primary School the beneficiary of your My School card, or if you support multiple schools – make sure the purchases are split between the schools. By swiping your card – Montrose can make about R4000.00 monthly. Get granny and grandpa and all the family involved in the swiping of their cards. My School program supports schools, charities, animal shelters and other non-profit organisations to the tune of millions of rands, and just by you swiping your card. Check their website to see the supporting businesses and take the time to make a difference.

MPA chairperson for 2019 K Rix