“It’s wonderful what we can all do, if we are always doing.”

This is the MPA motto, and it has proved to be so true.

Thank you to all the parents and families who have supported us last year in 2017. Thank you for your friendly smiles and continued support of the Parents Committee and the School as a whole.

We want to say thank you for buying tickets to functions and spending money on our various fun fundraisers.  

Thank You to all the teachers and ground staff, who are always enthusiastic and positive, and who helped and

 Support all of us. It is rewarding to know our efforts are appreciated, in the goal to grow our school. Thank you for choosing a career that makes a difference to our children every day.  Anni Rix is our liaison and although she manages a full teaching calendar, always finds time to help and advise the MPA and attend meetings- thank you.

And lastly, a big thank you from me, to all the moms and dads on the committee, who, despite having to juggle jobs, families and busy lives, found the time to commit, remain committed and add value to the MPA.  It has been a pleasure to learn from you, to have fun with you, and to make a difference together.                   

From the MPA Funathlon race day, cricket and netball support, Orientation mornings and support at  Cultural functions to our Montrose Moola day and MPA Quiz night. We look especially forward to the 2018 Go kart day and other exciting events that you will see on the Term planner. We are always looking for new exciting projects and functions. We are finishing off the Tuck shop project with a new Industrial oven that will ensure Good Food cooked to perfection, especially now that there is a new Tuck Shop owner in the driving seat.

In the background and also raising money for the school was the Clothesline which provided a service for the MOUNDS of lost property as well as for the sale of second hand clothing. A special thank you to Helen Pournara for the love she put into running the Clothesline. Second Hand clothing sales were taken over by Uniformity from the middle of 2017 and we wish them the same success.

And not forgetting the My School programme which brings in money for the school each month. If you have not already, please make Montrose Primary School the beneficiary of your My School card.

We wish all the pupils and staff good luck for the 2018. To the current MPA team, Helen Pournara, Aidah Pillay, Clint Sprong, Carey Solans, Ann Goddard, Laura Dias, Carolyn Mitchell, Sam Nupen, Lee Greenblatt, Doug Rix, Stacey Di Nicola, Anni Aboo, Diemiso Solomon, Erin Laschinger, Joyce Phukubje, Karla Bailey,Daphne Jefferis and Tania Amorin –  I would like to say thank you for your commitment for the year ahead. You are a wonderfully team and it shows by your hard work.

You have remained consistent, reliable and dependable. Thank you for honouring your commitment to the rest of the MPA and for showing your children that being involved is what builds communities – be it a school, a team or a suburb – get involved and do something positive!  

 I have been privileged to be part of the team and I look forward to seeing new committed parents join us and the many members who have generously offered to stay on, make fun memories in 2018.  

Best Regards

Kim Rix – Chairperson