Promotion Requirements for Grade 4 – 6

  • Adequate Achievement (Level 4) (50%-59%) in one official language at Home Language level.
  • Moderate Achievement (Level 3) (40%-49%) in the second required official language at First Additional Language level.
  • Moderate Achievement (Level 3) (40%-49%) in Mathematics.
  • Moderate Achievement (Level 3) (40%-49%) in any other two (2) of the remaining subjects.

Promotion Requirements for Grade 7

  • Adequate Achievement (Level 4) (50% – 59%) in English
  • Moderate Achievement (Level 3) (40% – 49%) in Afrikaans
  • Moderate Achievement (Level 3) (40% – 49%) in Mathematics  
  • Moderate Achievement (Level 3) (40% – 49%) in any other three of the remaining subjects  
  • Elementary Achievement (Level 2) (30% – 39%) in any other two subjects

It is very important to note that all these requirements must be met for a learner to progress to the next grade.

Codes and Percentages

Achievement Level

Achievement Description

Marks (%)


Outstanding Achievement

80 – 100


Meritorious Achievement

70 – 79


Substantial Achievement

60 – 69


Adequate Achievement

50 – 59


Moderate Achievement

40 – 49


Elementary Achievement

30 – 39


Not Achieved

0 – 29

Assessment Weighting for Grade 4 – 7

Every subject is sub-divided into divisions for example in Languages:

  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading and Viewing
  • Writing and Presenting
  • Language Structure and Conventions
  • Tests (Class and Cycle)

Examination (Term 2 and 4)Each sub-division is weighted and does not have the same percentage e.g. Reading and Phonics is calculated as a much higher weighting than Language Structure and Conventions.

This applies to all subjects. Please do not add all the marks together and try and calculate a Term Percentage. Your calculation will not be the same as the report.

All weightings have been programmed into our Report Programme and the calculations are done automatically.

The Physical Education assessment is sub-divided falls into two broad categories:

  • Participation: exposes learners to an understanding of the value of regular participation in physical activity. Participation should encourage further development, enjoyment and the building of confidence.

  • Movement performance: each learner will be assessed at the level at which they are capable of performing. Movement performance must not encourage a sense of competition.

Weighting of Formal Tests and Exams

All Formal tests and Mid-Year Exams are part of Continuous Assessment which means all marks for the term are added together and a percentage calculated.




R – 3



4 – 6



7 – 9



It is important to note that the weighting of the Grade 7 End-of Year Examinations is more than the rest of the year. Parents should ensure that their children prepare well for these exams as failure in the exams could mean failure of the grade even though the child met the promotion criteria in all the other terms of the year.

Absenteeism during Assessments

  • If a learner is absent due to illness with presenting a doctor’s note, the learner will have one week on his/her return to school to catch up all missed work. This work will be assessed by the teacher.  If the learner does not hand in the completed work, the learner will receive zero for the activity.

  • If a learner is absent due to illness during a formal assessment, he/she must submit a doctor’s note for missing the formal assessment, and will receive his/her own average for the assessment.

  • Government Gazette Vol. 539 No. 33150 4 May 2010 states: ‘A parent is expected to see that a learner is not taken out of school without a valid reason (family holidays are not a valid reason)’

  • Learners who are absent during assessments due to family holidays will receive zero for all assessments.

  • Permission must be requested from the Principal in writing for any absenteeism other than sickness via e-mail at

  • No permission will be granted for vacation leave as it is not permitted.