“To set a positive example in education by promoting self-discip0line and excellence in learning, whilst at the same time developing a sense of uniqueness in a stimulating environment that instills responsibility and pride.”

 Our theme this year is ‘Building our Legacy’


 The foundational years of education i.e. grade 1 to grade 3 are so important in a child’s life  as it sets the tone for the learner’s love of learning and success in life. Montrose is a dynamic institution reflecting the demographics and the diversity of our community, and country. Here we have proved that children of all creeds and races learn to have friends and get along with each other no matter what, as he/she is my friend.

 The learners at the beginning of the year spend the first three weeks orientating themselves to the formal schooling situation, and they range between the ages of 6 and 9 years, from Gr One to Grade Three. Our system is child centered and we encourage the learners to investigate, explore, experience and discover their concepts, by making the skills taught relevant and authentic. We ensure that we include fabulous day tour visits of theatre groups to the school and that the learners are stimulated outside other classroom by going away on day tours. One has just to look at the Foundation Phase photographs to see how many wonderful opportunities are afforded to our Foundation Phase learners. To name but few:  Pioneer House in Pretoria, Pressure Productions, Visiting the Planetarium, and the Zoo. We also conducted a number of internal initiatives and introduced to the school: A Speech Festival, Poetry Eisteddfod, Winter Musical Soiree Evening and our Spring Art Exhibition are to name but a few of the things we do in order to develop the child holistically.


 The National Education Department has made changes to the Curriculum, and it is now called CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements). A great deal of newspaper hype has published information about this new Education Policy. In a nutshell, the policy provides clear, term-by-term and grade-by-grade specifications of what and how the teachers are expected to teach to obtain the best out of their learners. Our parental body are also meant to be very involved in stimulating and assisting to supervise homework and stimulate their child to love learning. Montrose teachers attend a number of Curriculum Course during their afternoons and on Saturdays, in order to understand the Policy process and also to be aware of the new resource material and selection of textbooks from the different publishers.

The National Education Department has made changes to the Subjects content i.e. Languages, Mathematics and Life Skills and also to the time allocated to various aspects through Timetable adjustments. At Montrose we have always taught the First Additional Language, which here at Montrose is Afrikaans and since the beginning of the year for Grade 1s and Gr2s we also have Zulu as another FAL. This is possible because we teach more than the maximum hours set out by the Education Department. The sections to the Life Skills programme includes (Beginning Knowledge, Creative Arts, Physical Education and Personal and Social wellbeing.)


Our teachers are so dedicated that they ensure that it does not matter which Educational Policy system is being followed, the learners always feel confident and achieve pleasing results. This is because they implement their planning process, in a thorough manner. Our teachers are always happy to move with modern trends and they are not afraid to experiment with progressive teaching strategies and a variety of assessment activities.

Montrose does not rest on its laurels and measures itself locally and globally by doing independent Olympiad Examinations, and work with Mathaletics. These benchmarking results are valuable to the teachers as they analyze the tests and work out intervention strategies to improve the results of all the learners, on a yearly basis. As it stands at the moment, Montrose scores in the above average range.


At Montrose we offer an incredible in-house extra-mural programme. From a heated swimming pool, soccer, cricket, tennis, netball and hockey. The Cultural aspects of school are not neglected and learners attend everything from Chess, Drama, Choir, Bookclub and Art Club, are to name but a few of the activities.


We have welcomed our FL Gr 1 and Gr2 Zulu teacher, Ms Joyce Mahlaba, who is doing a sterling job in encouraging the learners to learn Zulu with enthusiasm. She has already presented on two different occasions, Zulu items at Assembly.

Mrs Loray Nelson was on maternity leave with her daughter, since February, however, has returned.



“We will provide quality and progressive education in a stimulating learning environment to prepare our learners for the challenges they face in our changing society within the global community”



Mrs V Cory • HOD FP

Mrs V Cory • HOD FP