“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” Albert Einstein

 “HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE THE REST” ……. WOW!! And WOW again, the learners and staff in the Intersen Phase certainly lived up to this theme this year….   

 2018 was a very busy and once again successful year for all our learners, Montrose was one of the only Government schools to take part in many of the District Challenges and our achievements were a clear indication that we were “Head and Shoulders above the rest”. Our very special school continued show that we are at the forefront of state education.

We participated in a number of Mathematics Challenges – Horizon Maths Challenge: We had 4 learners in the top 10. For the third year in a row, Montrose received a trophy for being the second best performing school in Gauteng. Montrose was also awarded a trophy for second place as top Maths Educators. We entered the Computer Olympiad Talent search and our learners were awarded 6 Gold certificates, 20 Silver certificates & 64 Bronze certificates.

Our second Divide & Conquer Maths Challenge was a resounding success.   Montrose took part in the Mathematics and Science in Action Competition held by SAOU. 

The mid-year and final exams went well with all learners striving to meet the required promotion standards. The CAPS guidelines for each subject clearly state what is required for promotion and we as a school adhere to these and encourage all our learners to achieve their personal best and to aim for more than just what is required. This is to give each learners a holistic education and prepares them for High School where they are very much left to their own. The Grade 4-6 learners encounter 6 subjects – namely English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Technology, History & Geography (these are then added together to get Social Sciences) and Life Skills (which is further divided into PSW – Personal and Social Wellbeing, Creative Arts and Physical Education). The year mark is 75% and the final exam mark counts 25% in these grades. However, in Grade 7, there is a huge change and expectations are high as this is considered the first year of high school.

Each Grade 7 learner has 9 subjects to study– English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences (History & Geography), Economic Management Sciences, Life Orientation and Creative Arts. Learners need to prepare thoroughly and take class work and exams really seriously from the first day to ensure success – leaving the hard work to the last term is not a good plan at all. The weighting changes considerably –  the years work counts 40% and the final exams count 60% of their final mark.

Top Ten, Academic Bars, 80% overall averages and 10% or more improvement certificates and badges were handed out at the end of each term and I was particularly impressed with the number of learners obtaining their Academic bars. These results by the learners could only have been achieved with hard work, dedication, love and care from learners, educators and the support of the parents.

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success” (Shiv Khera)

The dedicated educators attended in-service training sessions and courses at various educational institutions where they gained up to date knowledge and skills that they used in their classroom as well as shared with other colleagues. Each educator in the Intersen Phase continued to experiment, implement and devise new, improved and exciting teaching strategies. All assessment activities were devised in such a way that they ensured learners had an equal opportunity to succeed.

I must thank every educator in the phase for the countless hours spent in the classroom, on the field as well as the hours spent at home preparing lessons or attending sporting activities. You each had the special touch to prepare the learners to deal confidently and maturely with any kind of situations that they may have faced or are still to face.


Our learners are given the privilege and advantage of having the annual productions at school such as On Cue Theatre and Hooked on Books, FAMSA and DARE, as well as Cyber Bullying workshops. These workshops proved once again to be invaluable for learners, educators as well as the parents. The highlights for all the grades is always the tours, these were spread throughout the year. Achterberg was the place visited by the Grade 4s in the third term. The Grade 5s went to Blyde River for 5 days during the second term; The Grade 7s enjoyed the KZN experience (in spite of the weather) also in the second term. The Grade 6 learners spent a week at Maraneman on the Vaal in the third week of the fourth term, where much fun, laughter and many an adventure was had by all (even though it was cold).

To all the educators who accompanied these tours, a sincere vote of thanks for your time in making sure that all who went on these tours were kept safe and well looked after and that they had an experience to remember. Learners that were at school during this time were also given the opportunity to do fun activities that are not part of the normal school day. Thanks must also go to those teachers who put together the programs for these learners.

A number of the traditional Montrose events took place again during the year: Civvies days, The Night Challenge, The U11 Night Cricket, Netball Clinic and Camp, Night Soccer, Night Hockey, Inter-house Swimming Gala, Inter-house Night Athletics, Cake and Candies, Market Days and Casual Day. Our very comprehensive enrichment programme was well supported and enjoyed by participants as well as spectators.

Our annual Grandparent’s Tea was hosted by our very capable Learner Councillors and their parents. This was truly an amazing morning spent with lots of very special people from Montrose who were treated to a wonderful morning.

Saturday the 1st of September “Spring has sprung” and the weather was fantastic – it was the Moola Market Festival Day!!! What a fantastic and festive atmosphere and the Grade 7 learners had really wonderful games that kept everyone entertained. The craft market had a variety of goods and items to buy. Everyone was well fed by the variety of food stalls. Thank you to all who supported this function. Thank you to the MPA Members who worked so tirelessly at various stalls your support is greatly appreciated. We look forward to next year – good weather and plenty of fun for all.

On Tuesday the 4th of December the Prize-Giving and Valediction Ceremony was held at the Rosebank Union Church. This ceremony is a highlight on the calendar where we acknowledge and reward the efforts of our learners. The silverware that is handed out is testimony to the hard work and dedication that the recipients put in during the year. Whether it was a class, cultural or sporting award all who received an award are to be congratulated and you have certainly demonstrated that you are head and shoulders above the rest.

“Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a chance to build something better this time”

Thank you to my wonderful team of educators, who continued our children’s learning journey this year. You are all incredibly dedicated and hard working. I appreciate your expertise and encouragement of all our Intersen Phase learners.

My personal thanks goes to every staff member for their continued support, their enthusiasm, positive drive, support and friendship that they have shown again this year. 

“Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought”  (Napoleon Hill)

 C Langkilde

Head of Department:  Intersen Phase