A warm welcome to all parents and learners in the Intersen Phase -2015

…a year where we will be celebrating our 45th Birthday with lots of exciting things that will happen throughout the year. We celebrate being a ‘family’ at Montrose where everyone and everything counts. It is all about being part of a team, not only on the sports field but also in the classroom, the grade, the phase and the school as a whole. A special welcome to all the grade 4 learners and parents who have now entered the second phase of their education: that being the Intermediate Phase. Many changes will take place and these learners will now be involved in six subjects and will be moving from class to class – it is all systems go! We have new learners and their families that have joined Montrose this year and we welcome you to our Montrose family and hope you will have a very rewarding and long happy stay with us.

As well as all our new learners this year I would like to welcome the members of staff: in grade 4 we have Mrs Wraight (Grade Facilitator), Mrs Wilson, Mrs Brink, Miss Pedro (Mrs Raymond) and Mr Weston, In grade 5 Mrs Makola (Grade Facilitator), Mr Haken, Mrs Vawda and Miss van der Schyff. Mr van Heerden (Grade Facilitator), Miss Hubbard, Ms Zeelie and Mrs Stevens are the grade 6 team of teachers. Our Grade 7 team is Mr Heine (Grade Facilitator, Mr Stephenson, Mrs Germishuizen and Mrs Grinwis.
Mrs Pat van Loggerenberg is teaching music to the grade 5 -7 learners. Mr Jooste although not new to Montrose will be teaching ICT.  Mrs van Loggerenberg is teaching grade 6 Natural Science/Technology, Mrs Callander is teaching Gr 5& 7 Personal & Social Wellbeing and Life Orientation for Gr 7. Mrs Ralph is teaching Gr 7 English, Mr Sparks is in charge of the Media centre as well as teaching Grade 5 Natural Science/Technology. Mr Makara will be teaching Zulu as well as History for Gr.6. Ms Maivha has been promoted and is now HOD of Mathematics and she will be teaching the Gr. 7 Maths. I will be teaching Grade 6 Geography and Grade 7 Technology. A hearty welcome to you all.

This year our theme is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING COUNTS and in order to achieve this successfully we are going to continue to strive for excellence without yielding.

Reading,’riting and ‘rithmetic
Are the basics of good education.
They are the skills our minds will use
To live a life of exploration

For the future is filled with treasures
Far greater than silver and gold-
A wealth of knowledge to discover –
The riches of wisdom untold.

So thank you, Teachers, for all you do,
For laying a solid foundation,
For paving the path to all my tomorrows
With hope in the next generation!

Miss C Langkilde • HOD IP

Miss C Langkilde • HOD IP