Although academic studies and traditional sports participation are the typical backbone of a school’s offering to its students, at Montrose Primary School we attach equal weighting and positive, dedicated support and resources to the pursuit, at pupils’ own choice, of cultural activities.

As each child is on a different path in life, the opportunity should be presented to each and every one of them to express themselves, as well as awakening their hidden talents. These activities allow children the opportunity for life lessons to be learnt and values to be cultivated.

 Montrose offers children a variety of arts and cultural activities at varying levels of engagement. Some create, while others listen and express. These activities build part of the frame work of the holistic education.

Montrose offers an array of activities in which children can participate.

  • Drama Junior and Senior
  • Art club Junior and senior
  • Dance club
  • Book club Junior and senior
  • Choir
  • Marimbas
  • Care club
  • Journalism club
  • Chess club Junior and senior
  • Grapevine Newspaper( 1 issue for the year)

Please note that these activities are not fixed and may change from time to time.