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About Us
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In 1910, a request was made by local farmers and residents to the School Board asking that a school be established in the central Sandton area.

The nearest schools at the time were in Rosebank and Fontainebleau which meant long traveling distances. Eventually, a small school building was built off 11th Avenue, Parkmore.

On the 5th January 1970, Parkmore Primary opened its doors with Mr G.E. Scheepers as acting principal and 5 staff members. Only 189 pupils were enrolled.

At the time there was only a school hall, library, arts and crafts room, administration block and eighteen classrooms.

More than 50 years on, Montrose has transformed from a small struggling school to one of the most respected and sought-after primary schools which rivals even the best of the best in the private sector, with Mrs van Loggerenberg, the School Principal at the helm leading the school into the future.


Vision & Mission

Montrose Primary School aims to provide a child-centered education that offers all learners the winning edge in their academic, sporting & cultural activities.


To set a positive example in education by promoting self-discipline & excellence in learning, while at the same time developing a sense of uniqueness in a stimulating enviroment that instills responsibility and pride.


Achieving excellence without yielding.


“Yield Not”


LOVE – Living our values everyday celebrating our differences, with respect, responsibility, compassion & pride.



Years Experience


Happy Students


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MONTROSE PRIMARY SCHOOL is a public school in Parkmore, Sandton.  We offer a high standard of all-round education with learners achieving academically, culturally and on the sports field.  Our education is multi-faceted, affording every learner the opportunity to participate fully and become responsible, confident and caring members of society.

Montrose was established in 1970, and more than 50 years later the school is renowned for its child-centred approach to teaching and learning.  We have a strong sense of tradition and pride and a shared vision of continual improvement.

In an era where education is a talking point and debate between private and public schooling is ongoing, Montrose remains on the forefront of primary education in South Africa.  Its quality and professional staff, supportive School Governing Body, parents and enthusiastic learners form a powerful team, producing learners who are destined for success and who are well-prepared for their secondary school careers.  Many of our learners are offered bursaries and scholarships at schools such as St Mary’s, Brescia House, St Teresa’s, St David’s Marist, St John’s, Crawford, St Stithians, Redhill and even as far as Michaelhouse, Hilton, Drakensberg Boys Choir School and St Andrew’s.

Montrose is committed to being part of values teaching where each learner is equipped to cope with the pressures and expectations of a dynamic society.  We focus on respect, tolerance and responsibility.  Character education is the focus and the development of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects are carefully nurtured.  We aim to build positive relationships, enabling our children to develop their social understanding of each other.  We celebrate our differences and diversity is embraced.  Our parents are encouraged to become involved and to be partners with the school in the all-round education of their children.

Montrose has passed many milestones and achieved excellence over its nearly half a century.  We had rebranding of the school in 2010 and introduced our school mascot, Graham the giraffe, standing head and shoulders above the rest, being gentle, but continuing to stand its ground.  Being voted the Best Public Primary School in Jo’burg in 2017 was a great accolade and our learners achieved in the top three in a number of Mathematics, Language and Natural Science Olympiads provincially and nationally.  Several learners have also been selected to represent South Africa or Gauteng on the sports field in cricket, swimming, hockey, soccer, rugby and netball.

Being a teacher is a wonderful opportunity to interact with young people and to guide and assist them in preparation for the demands which they will face in life and to give them the skills to be successful in whichever path they choose to follow.

At Montrose we strive to achieve excellence without yielding in all areas and will continue to do so for many years to come.

S van Loggerenberg




The School Governing Body (“SGB”) consists of elected parent members, educators and non-educator members, as well as the Principal who is an ex-officio member of the SGB. The term of office of a SGB is three years. The current SGB commenced their term in 2021.

The most important functions of a SGB are to promote the school’s interests, and to ensure that the school provides quality education and teaching.

An important aspect of school management and leadership is the relationship between the School Management Team (“the SMT”) and the SGB. It is important to understand that responsibilities are shared between them. These two teams should work well to ensure that there is no confusion or conflict.

The Principal is a member of the SMT, as well as the SGB, which means that she has a vital role in co‑ordinating these two.

Principal and SMT

Mainly responsible for professional management in the day-to-day running of the school.

Principal and SGB

Mainly responsible for policy and overall governance in the school.

It is important to know the difference between professional management and school governance.

Broadly speaking, the duties of the Principal and SMT compared with the duties of the SGB and Principal are as follows:

School Governance
School Management Team
The big question is?

Who is responsible for the school in the end? Ultimately, the Principal is accountable for the school, as the Department of Education’s representative in the school. However, the school itself is a ‘juristic person’. This means that the school is a legal body that exists independently of the members of the Department of Education, SGB, the Principal, the buildings, learners and parents.

The school has rights and duties in its own name just as a natural person has.  Because the school is a juristic person, it may buy, sell, hire or own property, enter into contracts, make investments, and sue or be sued.  

All these actions of the school are, of course, taken by the SGB – just like a company acts through its directors

graham and grace icon (1)
Graham and Grace


In 2010, as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations, a school mascot was created, called Graham, and he was named after the first Marquis of Montrose, James Graham.

Although Graham is a giraffe, he is not just any giraffe, as ‘he stands head and shoulders above the rest’ just as our Montrose learners do.

In 2020 and as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, a second mascot, Graham’s sister Grace, was introduced.

She is also not just any giraffe as Grace represents elegance, courteous good will and dignity.


An archive of our school’s newsletter the Montrose Mouthpiece.

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